August 19, 2013


Deagol’s grip around me got tighter and tighter, until I saw a flash before me, and instantaneously I was in a lush landscape… A Far Green Country.
The flowers were in bloom, and there was fruit on the trees. I was rejoicing that I was in this wonderful place, when I noticed hobbits coming toward me shouting “Hello” and “Welcome.” I ignored them and just stared at this beautiful land. I finally came to myself and was just about to shout back, when something or someone shook me.
When I opened my eyes, I saw that it was my old master, Frodo Baggins, standing over me. He looked so weary that I almost pitied him. His eyes were black, he had tattered clothing, and when he looked at me, he looked full of remorse. “Gollum, there is no time to rest. We have to keep going,” said Frodo weakly. I got up and saw that we were in a jagged landscape. I climbed on a rock and looked over the land. There was nothing that I could see that was living… no grass, no trees, no birds chirping like you hear on a warm summer morning. I finally found out that it was all a dream, and my worst nightmare had come true……. I was still Gollum.

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