August 21, 2013


This creation is a mini treehouse. I incorporated the flowers to give it a happy kind of feel.


August 20, 2013

Arium 3000

This was one of my hardest creations and my first lego mech. Aside from the red ball joints, I think it came out pretty well for a first time. I decided not to add a torso and just go for a large head, and I think it's quite comical actually.

Arium 3000

August 19, 2013

Burning of the Westfold

The Burning of the Westfold

The Uruk-Hai come burning as they go, row on row shield and sword, axe and spear. They will not stop for they will fight to the death.


Deagol’s grip around me got tighter and tighter, until I saw a flash before me, and instantaneously I was in a lush landscape… A Far Green Country.

Trick Dolphin Vignette

This creation is one of my favorite vignette's. It was a lot of fun to create. Connecting the dolphin to the water was actually very hard to do and even though it's finished, it's still not very stable.

Trick Dolphin

August 12, 2013

Mount Doom

Mount Doom. The place where the one ring can be destroyed. In this creation I was challenged when I got to building the lava. But piece by piece it came together. Also I used SNOT (Studs Not On Top) on the rocks.

Mount Doom Large
Mount Doom in LEGO form. Taken with a Nikon D40.

August 11, 2013

First Post

Welcome to Leonardo Da Brick. Here I will showcase some of the wonderful things that can be done with LEGO. I am looking forward to what this blog will bring.
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