November 29, 2013

Elevator Surfing

This was my entry for Round 3 of a contest over at MOCpages.

 For this round, I decided to do a scene from Mission Impossible. This is a scene from the first movie, when the guy with glasses (can't remember his name) is on top of the elevator shaft hacking into a computer. But when a man pushes the elevator button up, the guy with glasses is going to get squished into the top of the elevator shaft. When he tries to hack the elevator and stop it, spikes (probably some electrical thing) release from the ceiling!

Category-"Taking one for the team"

The reason I did this scene is because what immediately came to my mind was someone dying for the help of others. So that's why I did this scene. He's hacking into a computer trying to help the team and then dies in the process.

And here is the blue screen of death... as will probably be his outcome.

Thanks for looking!

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