November 5, 2013

Bases and Borders

Have you ever wondered how the top builders get that "finished" look? Well, this guide will help you build your own unique and masterful creations!

 Okay, first topic is... bases. Everyone knows that you can use a baseplate for your base, but you can also use different methods to get a very unique look. Here are some examples.


1: The basic base

Basic bases are the most popular to build because it's easy, it looks good, and it's easy to build off of. If you use a baseplate, make sure you have an overhang, or use the same color, so that you don't have different colors as a base.
This is Fire and Water by Matthew Oh
it is an excellent example of a basic base and it works quite well.
Here is another excellent example of a basic base. This creation  is called "The Fate of the Ring Bearer Has Changed" built by Justin M.
Another amazing creation built by Grant Davis and Eli Willsea. As you can see, this creation is stunning, with many unique characteristics. You can view more photos here.
2. The irregular base

Irregular bases are some of the most difficult and beautiful ways of building your base. There are many ways to build an irregular base, for example...
Here is an irregular base, built by Justin M . It's excellently executed and brilliantly displayed-you can view more photos here.

3.The Sideways base

This technique is a hard one to pull off, but it can be done. Basically bricks are built sideways to get a smooth look. It's one of the most popular techniques for water. Although I have never tried it, it looks beautiful.

This creation pulled off the sideways build perfectly. You can view more photos here.

4.The Round Base

There is not much to say about this base type, other than it's HARD... many have tried and failed the round base. Will you be the one to perfect it?


This is something that a lot of great builders include in their MOC's (My Own Creation). You can use many different colors and combinations. Here are some excellent examples...

Here is an AMAZING example of a detailed border. I can't believe that this MOC was built entirely out of minifigure parts! You can view more photos here.

This is a great border design. You can view more photos here.

Here is an example of a basic border. This creation was done by me.

This is an excellent example of a wood base, done by Matthew Oh.

How will you make your bases or borders? Will you stick to the original concepts, or will you invent a new genius border technique?

Well, that's it for this session of tips and tricks!

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